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Love Me Again

Launch Your Life in 90 Days

Rediscover your identity, claim your peace and step into the freedom of your new life!

Are you in the middle of a divorce, or recently divorced? Maybe your in transition and it feels hard.


Are you feeling scared, lost and alone? 


You’ve lost your sense of self and you feel alone and small. You feel like you should know what to do but you can't figure out and it's heavy.


There’s a sense of dread when you think about your future. In this season you wonder how you’ll manage your finances, whether you’ll be able to co-parent peacefully or whether this divorce will mess your kids up and that's just the beginning.


You know you’re meant for more - want a compelling future, but your confidence is at an all time low. You don’t feel good about yourself, there’s a lack of self love and self care, and you’re on autopilot as you drag yourself through the days. 


You lie awake at night worrying about the future… Will you manage financially? Will your kids be ok? Will you regain your confidence? Will you ever find true love? 

"The work I’ve done. The glow I have. The happiness I feel. Mostly because Liz challenged me, comforted me, walked through scary things with me, and reframed things for me.  Coaching is the best investment I ever made in myself."  

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Therapy Won’t Help You Design Your Future! 

Perhaps you’ve already tried many things to feel better. 


You may have been having therapy but feel you’re not making the progress you’d like. You leave your therapy session feeling just as confused and stuck as when you started. 


Therapy is useful in the beginning when you have a lot of processing to do and are sorting through what happened. However, therapy is backward facing - it focuses on the past, not the future. 


The coaching we do is different. You’ll still receive tools for dealing with triggers and negative emotions that come up, but you’ll get excited and inspired about your future again. 


Many of the women who join my programs have been/are part of a religious community or church. You may have found some support or relief there, but you feel like they don’t really “get” you and what you’re going through. If you’re honest you sometimes feel judged. 


You’ve tried reading self-help books. They helped a little, but were hard to implement without support and accountability. Mostly these types of books highlighted how far away your dream life feels and made you feel like a failure! 


Friends and family have good intentions but may have their own emotional attachments. They lack objectivity and sometimes their advice can cause more pain.   


In the LOVE ME AGAIN program we co-create measurable outcomes to work toward. You have a safe place to be yourself and share your truth without judgement. Here is a new opportunity to get excited about your future again.

"I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect when I decided to try coaching with Liz, but I knew I needed her. I had taken a break from therapeutic counseling which was allowing me to vent and process but the therapist wasn’t really helping me move forward. I’ve been working with Liz now for a few months and looking back at where I am now compared to when I had my initial empowerment call, I am amazed! She has helped me in ways that go beyond my initial goals. I feel like I have this access to my mind, body and emotions that I never had before. I’m confidently moving forward in all areas of my life; my physical and mental health, my relationships, my career, my finances. It’s been one of the most important investments of time, money & effort I have ever made. I walk away every week feeling energized and encouraged. Liz’s presence, energy and expertise are amazing!" 

- Amanda


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Love Me Again

Group Coaching Program

In LOVE ME AGAIN you will....

  • Reclaim your identity as a strong woman. 

  • Overcome fear & anxiety.

  • Cultivate self-confidence. 

  • Improve decision making.

  • Set boundaries and feel good about them. 

  • Overcome people-pleasing tendencies. 

  • Get a strong financial foundation in place to support your new, exciting life. 

  • Break any toxic relationship patterns and get ready for true love. 

  • Work on your relationship to yourself first, so that you can be relationship ready. 

  • Be part of an inspiring community of women on the same journey. 

  • Re-claim your freedom. 

  • Experience peace. 

You’re going to love the LOVE ME AGAIN program, because it’s completely different to anything you’ve tried before, and it works! 

Check out what Vanessa had to say about her experience.

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Hi, I'm Liz!

It’s great to meet you. I’ll be your guide on this journey of self-discovery as you step into your new life. 

After my divorce I felt unsure of where I was headed.  Numbed out and exhausted, taking the felt first felt impossible!  I knew I wanted to live a thriving life but was just so unsure of what that meant or how I'd get there.  That launched me into this journey of coaching others like me and I've never looked back!

I’ve supported many women as they’ve walked this path to self-discovery. Now it’s my privilege to link arms and walk with you side-by-side. I’ll be here for the tough times and share the excitement when you break through barriers, release limiting beliefs and learn and take powerful actions towards your future. 

I will shine a light on where you’re going, and what is possible for you. Like the women who’ve gone before you, you can expect insights and a new perspective. 

An Invitation To Your New Life!

Imagine being free - Free to do what you want, free to make your own decisions for you and your children, free to pursue your heart’s deepest desires - without worrying about being judged or what anyone else will think or say. 


You’ll feel peace again, in your home and your heart! You’ll take action towards building a new life, free from the worry that your actions will upset your ex-partner or your extended family. 

Before I started working with Liz, I had spent years in traditional counseling, and I was stuck. Despite knowing where I needed to change and grow, I lived in a constant state of fear and anxiety. Those behaviors and mentalities ran deep, and I wasn't ever able to get to the root of my issues. After my first 90-day program with Liz, I began to see major changes in my thinking and actions. The growth I have continued to experience is monumental for me, and visible to others. Liz's guidance and support have helped me to experience freedom and peace like never before! 

– Libby

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How Would It Feel To… 

  • Wake up each day feeling energized - light in your mind, body & soul. 

  • Belly laugh again, experience fun in life - even when it's hard.

  • Set clear boundaries and stop worrying about what others will think. 

  • Feel peaceful about your past. 

  • Communicate better with your ex so that the divorce is less stressful for all involved. 

  • Prioritize self-care without feeling guilty. 

  • Pick up old hobbies & activities you once loved, before you got busy as a wife and mom.  

  • Feel more confident in yourself. 

  • Make powerful decisions about your future without fear of judgement. 

  • Have a compelling and inspiring vision for the future, which you work towards each day. 

Love Me Again

Group Coaching Program

LOVE ME AGAIN includes:

  • 12 - 90 minute intimate group coaching sessions with me, an expert who's been there and has developed the tools and strategies necessary to create a life of freedom.

  • A small group of women who know what's it like and can resonate with where you are now and where you want to be.

  • My signature 4 pillar approach, unpacking the 4 primary areas that so many women struggle with - Fear, Energy, Confidence & Financial Freedom

  • Private FB group where you can watch session replays, share insights, wins, stories and seek support.

  • Private Voxer chat for immediate connection, feedback and cheering each other on

  • Relevant resources - podcasts, articles, handouts, etc.

  • Reading List to expand your learning & growth

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Now Is Your Time!

​You’ve been living life for other people for many years, but now is your time. ​


This is an opportunity to get really intentional about living a life by design.


Freedom and peace are available to you, and they’re just one decision away! 


If not now then when? 

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This Is For You If You Are…

  • Ambitious and goal driven

  • Looking for change and growth

  • Open to new ideas and perspectives

  • Desire community & connection 

  • Ready to take action


If You Answered “Yes” To The Above… 


I’d like to invite you to connect with me on an Empowerment Call.  


When we speak, I’ll ask you some questions to understand more about where you are now and what you want going forward. Then, we’ll have a conversation to check whether you are a good fit/qualify for this program. 


I’ll let you know some further details about the program, and when you can get started. 


Take the first step into your future today. 

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Listen to Amanda share her experience.

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