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Meet Elizabeth


Who I Am 

I am a life coach, women’s empowerment coach & trauma informed breathwork facilitator for divorced/separated women.

I am a divorced woman who has discovered empowerment for myself. It changed me so completely that I couldn’t help but share what I found with other women!


My name is Elizabeth and I’m a former speech therapist turned life coach.  For nearly two decades I've worked to build the lines of communication between children and their families. 

Now I empower women to build communication with themselves and others.  

My passion has always been to launch people into their best lives! And I have the tools to get them there.  

I have learned how to turn heartache into beauty and now I help other women do the same!  

My Mission

I empower divorced women to rediscover their identity, reclaim their peace & step into the freedom of their new life..  Life after divorce can be filled with shame, guilt, hurt, confusion and mountains of uncertainty.  


My mission is to bring divorced women into a space of rediscovery, creating the lives they want after divorce.  Lives filled with peace, security, confidence and self-love.

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