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How does life coaching work?

Life coaching is an interactive experience where explore what you want your life to look like and what is holding you back from getting there.

I will ask you open-ended questions to uncover your desires, goals, limiting beliefs, and more so that you experience breakthrough and release! 

How are coaching and therapy different?

Life coaching is a great supplement to therapy. It is goal-driven, action-oriented, and has a set time frame. In contrast, therapy is a long-range, less specific process. 
Empowerment coaching gives you tools that include mindset shift, habit change,  mindfulness strategies, and self-care. Where therapy can focus more on the diagnosis and treatment of mental health conditions.
As a life coach for divorced women, I give women the tools they need to transform their obstacles and move forward after divorce.

Is life coaching confidential?

Life coaching is 100% confidential! What happens in our sessions stays in our sessions, just like seeing a therapist. 

How long does it take to see results from life coaching?

My life coaching program for divorced women has a set time frame of 90-days. Most clients see significant changes after this 90-day period. 
Some choose to expand our program for an additional 90-days to build on the momentum established during the program. 
The time that your coaching process will take depends on the complexity of your goals and your commitment and openness to your process. 

Why do I need a life coach after my divorce?

Divorced women have experienced a life crisis. Even if the divorce was a positive change in their life, a part of their identity has been shaken. 
Many women struggle with finding connection with themselves and others after a divorce.

Many women feel numb or raw or broken. 
Empowerment coaching can restore your self-confidence and help you rebuild your life the way that YOU want it. 

My divorce was a long time ago, would I still benefit from life coaching?

No matter how much time has passed since your divorce, if you need help getting past obstacles in your life, empowerment coaching is right for you!

What kinds of clients do you work with?

I empower women after divorce to rebuild a life that they love!

Do you offer a payment plan for your life coaching programs?

There is no greater investment than the one you make to yourself! 
That being said, during our FREE empowerment call we will have the opportunity to discuss your financial investment.
Together we will discuss investment options and how to make it work best for you. 

How will I know that the Launch Your Life program is a good fit for me?

During your empowerment call, we will explore your desired outcomes and my strategy to get you there. If we feel that our approaches are not aligned, we do not have to move forward with a structured program.
My ultimate goal is to support women to become who they most want to be, working towards the best version of themselves.  
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